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How to Install SAS 9.4 64-bit for Windows

Stern Faculty can purchase SAS licenses and installation software from the NYU Computer Store. Stern PhD students who need a SAS license should send email to

1. Make sure your computer has enough available hard drive space. The set of features recommended in these instructions will require approximately 7 GB on disk.

2. Make sure you have a current license file for SAS 9.4 for Windows. If you received this file by email from the NYU Computer Store, save it to your hard drive in a convenient location (such as the Windows Desktop).

3. Run setup.exe from the USB drive. In general, as you proceed through the installation, go with typical defaults and common sense. But when specific choices are to be made, follow the steps below.

4. At the “Select Deployment Task” screen, select Install SAS Software.

5. At the “Select Deployment Type” screen, select Install SAS Foundation and Related Software.

6. At the “Select Products to Install” screen, select SAS Foundation only. Make sure the other choices are not selected.

7. At the “Select SAS Foundation Products” screen, use the list below as a guide. This list is based on David Frederick’s experience with SAS users at Stern. Feel free to modify it to conform to your research needs. (Most users at Stern install the bulleted items on this list).

8. List of SAS 9.4 features to install (recommended features are marked with a bullet):

                  BASE Infrastructure to support Hadoop
                • Base SAS
                  GfK GeoMarketing CITIES Maps for SAS/GRAPH
                  GfK GeoMarketing WORLD Maps for SAS/GRAPH
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for Aster
                • SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for DB2
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for Greenplum
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for Hadoop
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for Netezza
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for Oracle
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for SAP HANA
                  SAS Accelerator Publishing Agent for Teradata
                • SAS Enterprise Miner
                  SAS High-Performance Data Mining Server Components
                  SAS High-Performance Econometrics Server Components
                  SAS High-Performance Server
                  SAS High-Performance Statistics Server Components
                • SAS Integration Technologies
                  SAS LASR Analytic Server Access Tools
                  SAS Network Algorithms
                  SAS Scalable Performance Data Client
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface Products Samples
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Aster
                • SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to HAWQ
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Impala
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server
                • SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza
                • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC
                • SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle
                • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP HANA
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase IQ
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata
                  SAS/ACCESS Interface to Vertica
                • SAS/ASSIST
                • SAS/CONNECT
                • SAS/EIS
                • SAS/ETS
                • SAS/GRAPH
                  SAS/GRAPH Obsolete Maps Data
                • SAS/IML
                • SAS/OR
                • SAS/SHARE
                • SAS/STAT
                  SAS/Secure SSL

9. At the “Specify SAS Installation Data File” screen, browse to the license file you saved to your hard drive in Step 2.

10. At the “Select Language” screen, select Clear All (English will remain checked).

11. At the “Configure SAS Studio Basic” screen, uncheck Configure SAS Studio Basic.

12. Continue clicking defaults. Note that the installation will take some time, as it is quite large. Some of our faster PCs can run this installation in a little over half an hour.

13. After the installation finishes, open up SAS to make sure it works.