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  • NYU ITS upgrades to research computing – new big data cluster

    NYU/ITS (Information Technology Services) have recently added two major new facilities. 1) They have retired one of their HPC clusters and replaced it with a much more powerful cluster, mercer. Mercer is a 394-node, 5812-core heterogeneous cluster based on Intel x86_64 architecture. It is partially owned by several research projects. but time is available to […]

  • Research Computing Hardware Upgrades – Summer 2015

    There have been a number of hardware upgrades to the facilities in research computing over the summer. 1) Increased storage – 2 new data storage devices have been put in service, adding 96 Terabytes of storage. Total storage is now over 200 terabytes. 2) Solid State Drives have been added to one of our disk […]

  • Links for SAS users

    UCLA SAS materials Is a complete intro and overview to SAS. It has examples, videos, data sets etc. A good way to both get started with SAS, as well as find advanced techniques.

  • Running hadoop, hive and mahout at the Stern Center for Research Computing

    Hadoop is a linux based processing system, so to use it you need to be reasonably familiar with unix/linux commands. The login system for the hadoop cluster is It has a large storage area (/bigtemp) for temporary file storage, since most users home directories are limited in space. (< 1GB)  The /bigtemp area can […]