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  • Links for SAS users

    UCLA SAS materials Is a complete intro and overview to SAS. It has examples, videos, data sets etc. A good way to both get started with SAS, as well as find advanced techniques.

  • Running hadoop, hive and mahout at the Stern Center for Research Computing

    Hadoop is a linux based processing system, so to use it you need to be reasonably familiar with unix/linux commands. The login system for the hadoop cluster is It has a large storage area (/bigtemp) for temporary file storage, since most users home directories are limited in space. (< 1GB)  The /bigtemp area can [...]

  • Hadoop at Stern

    Research Computing now has a small hadoop cluster. Currently there are 14 processing nodes with about 40  cores and about 12 TB of disk. In addition to hadoop and map-reduce, hive and mahout (0.8) are also installed. To use hadoop, please look at these instructions.

  • Matlab site license now available

    The SCRC is now moving to the NYU site license for matlab. This includes a virtually unlimited number of matlab users and toolboxes. If you have a PC running matlab and want to point to the new license server, there will be instructions coming shortly.